Cake Craft by Hannah-Freya Blake (Pre-order)


CAKE CRAFT contains a 20,000 word novella and several short stories by Hannah-Freya Blake.

This is a pre-order. The estimated publication date is February 21st 2023.



I used to know the Devil, only back then he was called Arthur, and he was a seventy-eight-year-old dairy farmer from Yorkshire.

Kat is haunted by memories of her past. Memories of her first job at a nursing home, where Arthur Shipton would raise hell in search of his flat cap. Of boyfriends who preferred prettier girls, and the cakes she ate to fill her hungry heart. Now thirty, no amount of comfort food can help her get over her divorce. But Stella—Arthur’s granddaughter—might.

Beautiful and mysterious, there’s something about Stella that inspires Kat to leave the safety of her couch. She can’t help but think Stella has something to do with Arthur’s recent death, but the closer she gets to Stella, the less it matters. With Stella’s magical pull, Kat feels an old hunger—one long since buried with the crumbs of cake—reawaken.

Cake Craft is a dark, bisexual Bridget Jones set in the Gothic moors of Yorkshire with a pinch of the paranormal. It’s a story of trauma, desire, and hunger—and a whole lot of Grandma’s ginger sponge.

This bundle also contains a number of short stories by the same author.

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