Upcoming Queer Gothic Anthology: UNTHINKABLE (2022), Authors & Stories Announcement

Nyx Publishing’s first anthology, Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology, is receiving a sequel! This upcoming anthology, titled Unthinkable: A Queer Gothic Anthology, will feature over 18 brand-new stories. It will be published in 2022, in paperback and ebook formats.

We are thrilled to introduce the authors and their stories! (Titles subject to change.)

Q.E.D. by Kimberly Rei

When a supernatural hunter of the night follows its hungers into a club, the result surprises everyone present…

Q.E.D. is a contemporary Gothic flash fiction piece.

Kimberly Rei does her best work in the places that can’t exist… the in-between places where imagination defies reality.

With a penchant for creepy shadows and hooks that leave you guessing, she can be found in anthologies from Black Hare Press, Eerie River Publishing, and Iron Faerie Publishing as well as behind the scenes of various collections editing, beta reading, marketing, and encouraging fellow authors. Find Kimberly on Facebook.

Bodies of Water by Valentin Narziss

On the wintry island Sanchul meets a mesmerising stranger who claims to know him. He will have to confront more than just his grief against the backdrop of the barren landscape and the cold, dark sea.

Valentin Narziss is a writer and painter, living in Berlin and (soon) Florence. His work merges the modern, archaic and queer, and usually has a dark twist to it. When not creating, he enjoys dressing androgynously and petting every cat he meets. Find Valentin on Twitter and Instagram.

My Boyfriend is a Vampire by Tabitha O’Connell

Lonely grad student Lyle is excited to instantly hit it off with Zach, whose claim to be a vampire is just a joke… right?

My Boyfriend is a contemporary Gothic story featuring ace protagonists and a dash of comedy.

Tabitha O’Connell is a historic preservationist and writer of queer fiction living in Western New York. Eir favorite things include animals, abandoned places, alliteration, long walks, and long sentences. Tabitha’s short fiction has previously appeared in the anthology Queers Who Don’t Quit and The Storyteller Series: Print Edition. Find em on Twitter or visit http://www.tabithaoconnell.com.

Reflections by Gillian Joseph

Zee, a queer Indigenous person, moves back to their ancestral homelands and is soon confronted with a lingering presence in their house. A book is lost and another shows up in its place; a plate bought recently changes patterns…

Gillian Joseph is a queer, 2-Spirit Ihaŋktoŋwaŋ & Mdewakaŋtoŋ Dakota storyteller who grew up as a guest on Waxhaw and Catawba lands. They are a folio editor at Anomaly, and enjoy spending time near mní (water) + trying to figure out what their dreams mean. Find Gillian on Instagram.

The Wellkeepers by Sydney Meeker

When Matthew returns to his ancestral home on the Oregon coast, he finds that his mother’s fossil collection harbors more than mere bones.

Sydney Meeker is a Narrative Designer based in Portland, Oregon. He writes primarily for video games, but also works on TTRPGs, short stories, and poetry. When he’s not writing, he’s either playing video games or wandering in the woods, and sometimes both at the same time. Find him on Twitter, or hugging his bitey little cat, Bean.

The Dead Space by Stewart Horn

Young and wealthy Alexander Duncan starts university and becomes besotted with one of the University serving staff, but his seduction plans are somewhat derailed by the evil living behind the walls in his lodgings.

Stewart horn is a professional musician and amateur writer, poet and photographer, living with his husband and assorted pets on the West coast of Scotland. His work has been previously published in The Horrorzine, Crowded, Feast of Frights, Estronomicon, Interzone, The BFS Journal, Thirty Years or Rain, Flotation Device and more. Find him on Facebook or his website http://stewartguitar.wordpress.com.

Sea Salt and Strawberries by Soltice Lamarre

A non-binary aroace forest god tells the tale of their relationship with the perpetually reincarnating soul they can’t help but love, spanning milleniums of care, death, and human destruction.

Solstice Lamarre is a queer autistic French writer and an ESL teacher. They write queer, neurodivergent stories accross various genres, in both English and French. If they’re not busy working or writing, they usually spend their extra free time volunteering at their local LGBTQ+ centre. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram.

Clutching Air by Jillian Bost

Robert is being haunted by the love of his life–and he’s not certain he can give up the ghost.

Clutching Air is a historical Gothic story about grief and longing.

Jillian Bost loves cats, horror, and writing. She is an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association. You can find her on Twitter.

In Ruins by G.T. Korbin

In this modern retelling of Pygmalion and Galatea, an art student falls in love with the ancient statue she’s sketching, unaware of the power her devotion can have.

G.T. Korbin is a Greek author and biologist, currently living abroad to get her Master’s degree. You can find her short stories in upcoming anthologies by TL;DR press and others. You can find her on Twitter.

All Sweet Souls by Antonija Mežnarić

On Stella’s windowsill, a candle burns. While the night falls and the bony hands start breaking from the ground, here she waits for her beloved. All Sweet Souls is a blooming sapphic romance in the shadow of a looming curse.

Antonija Mežnarić is a Croatian writer, editor, and a cosplayer. She lives and breathes speculative fiction, and especially loves to write sapphic horror inspired by folklore. Her notable published works in English are a sapphic horror comedy novella What do Nightmares Dream of and queer folk horror novelette collection Mistress of Geese. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, or her website http://www.hauntednarratives.com.

Reynardine by Kallyn Hunter

With folks going missing, Celia’s Meemaw warned her not to go out. When Celia decides to sneak from the house anyway, she is about to find out what happened to the missing…

Kallyn Hunter is a writer, researcher, and knight from northern Colorado. When she isn’t creating worlds in front of a computer, she can be found traveling the wilds of her state with her adventure-Pomeranian or smashing the patriarchy with her theatrical jousting troupe, the Knights of the Tempest. You can find her on Twitter.

The Haunting of Barnaby Naismith by Jamie Rose

Barnaby Naismith blames himself for his sister’s death, but there’s plenty of blame to go around and uncovering the truth might mean the difference between setting her ghost to rest, or stray onto a path of vengeance.

Jamie is a life-long fantasy fan with more ideas than time. She lives in the UK and spends her non-reading and writing time attempting to wrangle one husband, three kids, a cat and chickens, with varying degrees of success. Jamie is autistic, disabled and queer, and doesn’t think she’s written anything without at least one of those identities creeping in – even before she knew them herself. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

An Epitaph, Epistolary by M. Špoljar

Pitched as: “I (20s,F) died and now my girlfriend’s (20s, F) grief keeps me stuck in our apartment; AITA?”

An Epitaph, Epistolary is a contemporary Gothic short story questioning what it means to let go of grief.

Marta Špoljar is a translator from Zagreb, Croatia. Her work has appeared in places such as Novel Noctule, Not Deer Magazine and Hellhound, and she can be found behind the scenes at The Wondrous Real Magazine. You can find her on Twitter.

It Passed by Morning by Adriana C. Grigore

Half haunted house story, half snowed-in romance, two suspicious strangers share an abandoned cabin during an eerily long snow storm.

Adriana C. Grigore is a writer from the windswept plains of Romania. With a degree in literature and linguistics, and a penchant for anything related to folklore, plants or gratuitous sentimentality, she spends most of her free time assembling wistful plotlines and overwatering houseplants. Find her fiction in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Common Bonds, and others, and on Twitter and Instagram.

Dark Bess and the Thrasher Bird by Arden Powell

Pitched as “A sapphic retelling of Alfred Noyes’ gothic ballad The Highwayman, set on a Georgia slave plantation.”

Arden Powell is a speculative-fiction author and illustrator from the Canadian East Coast. A nebulous entity, they live with a small terrier and an exorbitant number of houseplants, and have conversations with both. They have published a number of books, including The Faerie Hounds of York and The Bachelor’s Valet, and have work accepted at Baffling Magazine and Lightspeed. You can find them on Twitter and their website http://ardenpowell.wordpress.com.

Vestal by Diana Hurlburt

A traveling potion-maker encounters a strange herbalist, whose blood contains an otherworldly power that proves deadly to him… and irresistible to his apprentice.

Diana Hurlburt is a librarian, writer, and Floridian in upstate New York. Selections of her short work have been featured most recently in Sword & Kettle Press’s mini-chap series and the Rhonda Parrish-edited anthologies Clockwork, Curses & Coal and Arcana, and are forthcoming from Neon Hemlock and Moonchild Magazine. She’s often on Twitter talking about horses, heavy metal, and cold brew. You can also find her on Instagram.

Ghost at Haunting’s End by Elisabeth R. Moore

In a future where android designers recreate android versions of dead children for mourning families, an android breaks free of her family and her replica’s past.

Elisabeth R. Moore is a German writer, birder and literature grad student. Her stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Luna Station Quarterly and a variety of other venues. Her fiction features ghosts, strange plants, and the German experience, and while she tries to fight it, her firm belief in Zero Waste Living, ecological conservation and climate change activism often bleeds into her work. She lives with her wife, two cats and extremely lazy dog in the Ruhrgebiet. Find her at spacelesbian.zone or on Twitter.

Fun at Parties by K. Blair

Fun at Parties is a contemporary flash fiction piece, reimagining of the Bloody Mary myth, supposing you would fall in love with the blood-soaked reflection.

K.Blair (they/she) is bisexual, bigender and biding their time on Twitter and Instagram. They are a member of London Queer Writers, helping to run/host their spoken word poetry night SPEAK =. She recently took a quiz on ‘what horror trope are you?’ and is very smug that she got ‘Final Girl’. You can find K. on http://www.kblair.co.uk/.

RAION KUĪN (Lion Queen) by Hunter Liguore

A mysterious stranger causes havoc for a 13th century nun, forcing her to choose between love and duty. This Gothic story takes is set in Medieval Japan, and plays on the tropes of superstition/myth in the crumbling walls of a monastery

Hunter Liguore is a writer, professor, and historian, often found roaming old ruins, hillsides, and cemeteries. Her work can be found in Bellevue Literary Review, Irish Pages, Porridge Magazine, and more. Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup is available from Yeehoo Press. To learn more, visit: hunterliguore.org or find Hunter on Twitter.